[elleparismaroc 2023] Ningde era leads the power battery industry

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Ford Motor Company announced that it will build a battery plant in Michigan, the...

Ford Motor Company announced that it will build a battery plant in Michigan, the first full-scale Ford battery plant in the United States. What is unusual is that this time, Ford took the lead in inviting the Ningde Times to support the construction and operation of the plant, while Ford paid the Ningde Times a battery patent license fee for battery manufacturing technology. .

[elleparismaroc 2023] Ningde era leads the power battery industry

"This is a sign that our country's industry has reached a new peak. It means that China's new energy vehicle technology and industry are already at the forefront of the world. This is an important milestone." Ouyang Minggao, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, analyzed that the ability to make money from patent licensing perfectly reflects the Nind era. Excellent technologies, products and technologies have passed large-scale tests and are recognized worldwide.

In order to achieve the direction change and development of the automobile industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology focuses on new energy vehicles as early as 2001, establishes 'three types' of clean electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and fuel vehicles, and 'three types of batteries, motors, and electronic controls'. ". The general sequence of scientific research "three kinds and three horizontals" for the development of our country's new energy industry has established a solid technological foundation and encouraged enterprises to make efforts. They innovate and showcase their talents. After years of development, China has achieved the world's first production and sales of new energy vehicles for eight consecutive years, and has become the country with the largest number of new energy vehicles.

However, if we rely only on economies of scale, Korea's new energy transportation industry still cannot escape from the negative situation of evaluators. In particular, in the automobile industry, which is called the crown of the industry, only original technology has the right to speak, so it is urgent for Korea to focus on world-class companies with advanced technologies.

In fact, in recent years, the electric battery industry has shown the world the outstanding achievements of our country's innovation and development. Not only did the Ningde Times rank first in the world in terms of battery usage #1 in the world for 6 consecutive years, and also ranked first among global battery companies with the largest R&D investment, fastest patent development rate, and most comprehensive technology root coverage. . In the first three quarters of 2022, R&D investment reached RMB 10.6 billion, with more than 14,000 granted and pending patents, and more than 12,000 R&D employees. It is a sodium ion battery that has achieved technological progress based on material achievements. Real innovation encouraged by the state. In addition, Ningde era has won two global beacon enterprises in this field due to the innovation of "extreme production", making it a true double champion of technology and production in the global battery industry.

Dong Yang, chairman of the China Electric Power Industry Innovation Alliance and former vice president of the China Automobile Manufacturers Association, said, "Amid the wave of global integration in the automobile industry, no country's automobile industry can produce good products on its own. no,” he pointed out. .China's new energy vehicle industry is at the forefront of the world, and exports of technology, products and management to the world are very normal after progress."

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