[elleparismaroc 2023] Single Electron Imaging Appears

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A team of scientists led by the Weizmann Institute in Israel published a paper i...

A team of scientists led by the Weizmann Institute in Israel published a paper in the latest issue of Applied Physics Reviews demonstrating a new method for imaging individual electrons. This method is still in its infancy. It promises "close-up" imaging of future molecules that could revolutionize drug discovery and characterization of quantum materials.

[elleparismaroc 2023] Single Electron Imaging Appears

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology has played a key role in diagnosing many diseases for decades, but remains unclear. However, there are still some fundamental issues that remain unresolved. For example, MRI readings are not very effective. This requires sample sizes in the hundreds of billions of molecules. The result is an average result. The average of most diagnostic procedures will be optimal. But at the same time, they lose details that can hide important biological processes.

The researchers explain that it is necessary to develop tools that can take close-up images of individual molecules in order to obtain detailed information of individual molecules. for new discoveries or drug development

Because of this, in a recent study, the research team developed a method to determine the location of electrons. This method is based on a rotating magnetic field near the center of a nitrogen vacancy. This is a special type of atomic size defect in synthetic diamond. Commonly used as quantum sensors. Because nitrogen vacancies are only atoms in size. Therefore, the sensor is particularly sensitive to changes in its surroundings. And because of its quantum nature, the sensor can therefore distinguish between single electrons and multiple electrons. Ideal for location measurements. single electron

The team notes that the latest method has reached an important stage in precision nanoimaging, and that in the future, scientists will be able to image other molecules using the technique and take "close-up" images.

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