[elleparismaroc 20Chengdu will promote the transformation of scientific & technological achievements

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On the 14th, the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau announced that it held th...

On the 14th, the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau announced that it held the Chengdu 2023 Science and Technology Innovation Conference a few days ago and promoted the performance change work. The meeting proposed the comprehensive promotion of science and technology achievement transformation as "Project No. 1" of the 2023 Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Work. The results of deepening the reform of systems and mechanisms, giving games a leading role as a platform, promoting in-depth integration of industry, education and research, and improving the structure of the transformation service system were made public. and technical achievements.

[elleparismaroc 20Chengdu will promote the transformation of scientific & technological achievements

The meeting suggested that this year, Chengdu should study non-capitalization management reform, promote state assets audit, and transform scientific and technological professional achievements without including other scientific and technological achievements in asset and capital audits. At the same time, it includes experimental reform of scientific and technological performance evaluation, implementation of representative performance evaluation of scientific and technological talents and general team-based evaluation system, establishment of the third standard of party evaluation system, and research on innovation indicators. Performance is divided into position evaluation and evaluation contents. The city further plays a leading role in the innovation platform, promotes the establishment of a cross-region joint innovation model of "innovation source + performance transformation" in the Western Science City (Chengdu), and promotes innovation platform. Relying on basic science and technology infrastructure, such as the National Aeronautical Equipment Center for Innovation and Technology National Program Transformation Foundation, Tianfu Research Institute and other major innovation platforms, learn and explore the establishment of a professional transformation company of market-oriented achievements, and "laboratory + foundation + company + foundation" " Establish a transformation model.

At the meeting, the head of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology said that it would support all districts (villages) and cities in establishing new research and experimental institutions aimed at transforming performance and markets. In accordance with the method of "open publishing + open listing, competent people", struggle with the transformation of industrial chain achievements, and open and share major scientific research infrastructure and large-scale scientific research equipment. At the same time, Chengdu Science and Technology Ecological Island will be built to gather functions such as display of scientific and technological achievements, conversion trading and combination of factors to create an innovative technological ecology with advantages and integration elements. Focusing on electronic information, medical health, new materials and other industrial ecosystems, build a pilot test platform deployment for design maturity, concept testing and small-scale pilot production, and accelerate the improvement of the performance transformation service chain.

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